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The Landing: an extract

The Landing – a comedy of manners set in Queensland — will be published first by Allen and Unwin, Australia (other territories forthcoming).


A new wife

If a separated man — about to be divorced—is in possession of a good fortune, must he be in want of a new wife? Jonathan Lott was fifty-five years old and almost a free man, despite his reluctance to relinquish the phrase ‘my wife’, which he had continued to use throughout the two sad years of his separation, even though that nominal wife had run off with a woman.

What woman suddenly decides she bats for the other team at the advanced age of forty-six, two children behind her? When  Jonathan thought of Sarah now, he thought of her not just as a loss to himself but as a loss to men: her crooked mouth, her tawny loveliness, still tawny, still lovely, though no longer young.

He recalled the first time he entered the grandiose dining room of the Brisbane Club, that tall-ceilinged, hallowed place, after Sarah left him—silencing the room or else causing it to erupt into titters or whispers and sotto voce alerts, he can no longer remember which—as one of the bravest moments of his life.

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